The Skills for Life Adult Core Curriculum

The Skills for Life Adult Core Curriculum on the LSIS Excellence Gateway is an online interactive tool that promotes flexible and creative use of the curriculum content in a variety of learning contexts.

It enhances content and resources with additional guidance, exemplification and vocational material and provides tools and features that enable practitioners, including the wider embedded-learning audience, to create and share effective personal learning experiences.

 I oversaw the development and implementation of the original tool following an extensive review with teachers and trainers. 

The tool demonstrated progression between levels with revised progression charts, provided dynamic links between each part of the curriculum and was easily accessible and user friendly.

Overall, the project involved migrating the four curricula underpinning the teaching of Skills for Life into the Excellence Gateway, utilising design, usability and accessibility best practice and the current CMS and search platforms to create an innovative interactive tool.

The Skills for Life Adult Core Curriculum was a finalist in the 2009 National e-government Awards.

The full programme of work was as follows.

Full integration with EG single sign on functionality

Design and development of User Interface (UI) including appropriate treatment of Guidance, Resources and Sample activities and redesign and flattening of content structure

Migration of current content to the Excellence Gateway Content Management System (CMS) and the creation of new layout templates

Uploading new content supplied by LLU+

Development , trialling and implementation of agreed taxonomy to underpin complex functionality

Physical tagging of content to agreed taxonomy

Development of multiple navigation methods, specifically drop down navigation, tabbed content and a sophisticated context indicator device

Usability testing of complex navigational elements at key stages and subsequent refinement of complex navigation elements and UI design.

Integration with standard EG community functionality to enable generation and sharing of ideas and content

Development of organisable portfolio functionality with context-managed and watermarked cut and paste facility

Creation of processes and schedules for updating and maintaining content

Technical testing

Final delivery

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